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Upgrade Your Accessory Game Sustainably

Our Stylish, Handmade Bags Offer Replaceable Flaps and Straps For Limitless Style Options.
Revamp Your Look With Ease.

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Bag With Replaceable Flaps


Replaceable Flaps

Experience versatility and practicality with our interchangeable bags.


Say goodbye to cluttered closets and costly purchases – our bags allow you to mix and match lids and straps to suit any occasion and complement your individual style. From a casual day out with friends to a fancy dinner party, you can effortlessly swap and switch for the perfect look.


Save money and valuable storing space while embracing a fun and fresh way to accessorize. Explore the possibilities and make a statement with our endlessly customizable bags.

Stylish Bags Made From Recycled Materials

At Pieces By Pia, we're on a mission to turn trash into treasure. We scour carpenters' containers for hidden gems of wood and hunt for beautiful fabrics in secondhand stores and sofa manufacturers.


With careful cutting, sanding, painting, gluing, and sewing, we transform discarded materials into gorgeous bags that you can be proud to wear.


From recycled garbage to beautiful masterpieces, our bags are a testament to creativity, sustainability, and beauty. Join us in our quest to make the world a more beautiful and eco-friendly place, one bag at a time.


We Leave Almost No Waste

We're committed to minimizing waste. We utilize every scrap of wood and fabric we can get our hands on, leaving almost no remnants behind.


The tiniest scraps of wood are used to heat up our sauna, while sawdust is spread throughout our garden as a natural fertilizer. Even the smallest pieces of fabric are repurposed into unique jewelry and watch straps, so there's virtually no textile waste at all.


Our dedication to sustainability doesn't stop at making beautiful bags – we strive to lead by example in all aspects of our business

Have a look at some bags we have made

You can find even more inspiration on social media @piecesbypia

Fashion Green Handbag

Margy M.

She made me feel part of the creative process by discussing with me possible combinations from the colors preferred by me with a precise attention to the detail. I could feel her inspiration and it was a priceless emotion.


Ika O.

Pia is so service minded, fast and professional and her products are amazing! It feels great that all pieces are made from recycled leather!


Marta M.

Pia creates amazing jewelry- she has such a fantastic imagination and all the pieces are very well crafted.

What Others Say About Us

Cat Being Cozy

We Give To Charity

We're proud to support Fluffy Paws of Bulgaria, an animal shelter in Balchik dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating street animals. Through our partnership, a portion of our profits goes directly to this noble cause, helping fund initiatives like finding loving homes for these animals, spaying and neutering them, and battling animal abuse.

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