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The Cute Factor + One Extra Flap

The Cute Factor + One Extra Flap

140,00 €Price

The provided pictures are meant to inspire you. However, you and I will have the opportunity to choose the colors for the bag.


This adorable little bag is perfect for your everyday needs. It can hold all your essential items, such as car keys, a small amount of makeup, your phone, and a compact wallet. You have the option to select a crossbody strap, shoulder strap, or handheld strap according to your preference. Additionally, you can always purchase extra straps and flaps for the bag at a later time.


The bag features replaceable flaps, allowing you to change its appearance to match your mood or style for the day. This feature not only saves you space but also saves you money. Place your order today, and we will promptly collaborate with you to design your ideal bag

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